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Get Plugged In!


As a member of ARM, the Association of Rotational Molders, I enjoy attending the executive conferences throughout the year. The spring meeting was no exception. I left Phoenix rejuvenated and with an urgency to implement a host of ideas at my shop in Benson, Minnesota.

One of our guest speakers was Karen Moser. She discussed taking care of our most important asset—our people. Her presentation brought to light a very important fact we sometimes miss. Our people do not show up on the balance sheet as an asset, such as our equipment or facilities, so we might overlook them.

But let’s rethink about the balance sheet for a minute.  Our people do show up in the equity. Our people will make or break us.  Ms. Moser’s presentation was filled with great ways to ensure your #1 asset stays within sight of your vision.

Then I think about what economist Chris Kuehl had to say regarding our schools, oil, the economy and labor.  Through all of the humor, his message was strong and clear: Manufacturers need to be responsible for developing their next generation of employees. We need to be the leaders and can’t rely on anyone else.

In addition to those two speakers, I have pages of notes from fraud and cybersecurity expert Robert Siciliano and 401(k) specialist Dan Muhleran. To end the meeting, attendees shared for hours—way more than we’d planned—everything we had learned from the sessions.

I’m excited about all of the ideas I brought back to my shop.  There are so many items of information to plug in to our daily efforts as we strive to be a better rotomolder.

As the memory of this great meeting in Phoenix begins to fade, I hope you join us at the next one and find many new ideas to act on.  As Ms. Moser told us, “Get plugged in!”  I think you will find it to be truly rewarding.

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