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Roto-Mold Company develops game changing way to prototype rotational molded products


BENSON, MINNESOTA – Custom Roto-Mold, LLC (CRM), and Center for Advanced Design, (CAD) have partnered to offer a game changing way to design and develop rotational molded products called ProtoRoto™. CRM is an international manufacturer headquartered in Benson, Minnesota. CAD is a full service product design firm located in Elk River, Minnesota


 About ProtoRoto:

ProtoRoto™ is a technology enabling, quick-turn manufacturing solution for custom plastic rotational molded parts for prototyping and short-run production by utilizing its proprietary tooling process. ProtoRoto™ provides real parts, real fast.

“We were able to test 10 actual parts molded from production material at production temps” says Tim Davis, Sign-Posts, Inc. “The ProtoRoto™ tools were ready in 1/3 the time at 1/3 the cost of production tools”. Tim also noted that, “ProtoRoto™ gave us the ability to optimize our design before committing to production tooling”.

CRM and CAD have applied its proprietary tooling technology to introduce an entirely new prototyping process, making short-run parts available faster and more cost effective than ever before.

“Over the past year, our research and development program with CAD has quickly advanced our proprietary ProtoRoto™ tooling process to offer another step in the roto design process. The goal is to allow you access to actual parts for test and design validation without the high risk of production tooling and the lead times associated with traditional tooling. Other plastic molding processes have benefited from advancements in 3D printing, but due to the nature and size of rotational molded parts; 3D printing
has typically not been a cost effective solution. ProtoRoto™ offers actual parts with the same lead times as 3D prints, but with less cost. We affectionately call the parts Rototypes™”.

“Rototypes™ offer the flexibility in the design process and control over your timeline that was never an option in the past. Our customers are more diverse than ever before, the fast pace environment that today’s designers operate in requires a fail fast and adjust approach to design that traditionally didn’t work with the rotational molding process. This is something every product developer focused on taking products from idea to market faster can appreciate,” said Corey Clausen, President and CEO, CRM.

About Custom Roto-Mold, LLC
Custom Roto-Mold, LLC (CRM) is one of the leading producers of engineered rotational molding products, serving original equipment manufacturers in 15 countries across the globe. Known for its innovation and responsiveness to designers and engineers, CRM currently supplies products to manufacturers in the agriculture, amusement, child safety, construction, marine, military and recreational markets with the list growing daily. CRM is ISO 9001 certified and has two facilities in Benson, Minnesota.

About Center for Advanced Design, Inc.
Center for Advanced Design, Inc (CAD) is a product design firm providing comprehensive design solutions for mid to large sized companies. CAD specializes in complex surface geometry creation for the plastics industry. CAD is headquartered in Elk River, Minnesota.

For more information on CRM and CAD; visit their websites at:

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