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Will It Work For You?

With all the benefits of rotomolding, you’re probably curious if it will work for your specific application. Review the following checklist to see if your part is a candidate for rotomolding:

Yes No
Is it a complex product with a unique shape?
Rotomolded products can be designed to fit almost any shape. Today we can mold products from 1 pound to 1000 pounds, from 6 inches to 16 feet.
Would it work best as one part rather than an assembled piece?
Rotomolding can save you time, money and risk by consolidating multiple components into one finished piece.
Does it need to be corrosion-resistant?
Plastics will not rust, so rotomolded parts work great on equipment that undergoes stress and tough weather conditions.
Does it need to be water-resistant?
Rotomolded plastics are perfect for kneeboards, floats, marine tanks, kayaks and other water-related equipment.
Does it need to be chemical-resistant?
Plastics can be engineered to resist most chemicals. They can also be treated to make them static-resistant and flame-retardant.
Does it need to hold materials?
Because rotomolded plastics are water- and chemical-resistant, they’re ideal for tanks and other containers.
Does it need special embellishments, such as imprints, handles, or caps?
With rotomolding, it’s possible to add these finishing touches. You can even include a custom color imprint right in the plastic, so your logo won’t peel off or flake away.
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